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Top 5 Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

I will never forget my first job interview and my recruiters.   It was for a real estate agency in Boston and I had been preparing rigorously for it. On the day of the interview, I woke up feeling quite prepared, had my interview outfit sorted, practiced my ‘professional smile’ over 100 times and knew […]


Getting Fired, How to Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

A person may get fired due to various reasons. Lack of dedication, questionable work ethics or even being intoxicated at the workplace usually lead to termination of an employee. Violation of company policies is one of the most common reasons people get fired. Spending office hours browsing social media or other non-work activities is highly […]


These Interview Mistakes are Killing Your Chances of Getting Hired

There are times when you feel that you gave your best at a job interview but you don’t seem to hear back from companies. Here a list of common interview mistakes that bolster your chances of getting hired.   Be specific People go on telling their life story in interviews, this is not the answer that […]


Your Comprehensive Guide to Acing Your Next Exit Interview

What is an Exit Interview? An exit interview is used by the human resources department to understand the reason for employees leaving their jobs. This can happen due to a host of problems. The collected data is usually kept confidential. The received feedback allows the company to restructure policies that can help retain their talent for […]


Interview Trends 2017

A typical day in the life of a hiring manager involves sifting through the uncharted resumes and scanning through the applications for ‘n’ number of jobs. This would’ve held true if it was the 90’s. Quite contrary to it, hiring managers’ tasks are now much more compartmentalized and intriguing than ever. The boom of the […]


Telephone Interview Tips You Need To Know

Are you looking for a job? You might have applied for a number of job openings through job portals and professional networking sites. Once your CV is shortlisted, the preliminary step of the selection process is a telephone interview. The employer will meet you face to face, provided your performance is found satisfactory in the […]


Top 15 Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Perfecting your resume is only step 1 of landing the job. One of the most important steps in the process is to give a good interview. There are some things that are in your control. You must make sure that you get them right. There are a few things that all of us are aware […]


The Top 10 Interview Questions And Answers

Organizations ask numerous questions while taking job interviews. Being well prepared and knowing the top 10 interview questions and their answers will give you an edge over your competitors. Some questions are more regular than others. Master your job interview by looking into these main questions. You won’t have to learn these questions and answers, […]


The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Interview

Finding a job can be a long, tiring and exhausting process. From finding the right company to making the perfect cover letter, it can get really exhausting. And between jumping from company to company for interviews, you have to make sure you ace those interviews which can be pretty challenging. Here is a list of […]


How to Dress for An Interview

You get only one initial introduction, so having the ideal outfit is the way to a fruitful job interview. If you consider this seriously, any employer will be impressed, and will probably consider you to be the correct choice for the job. The way you dress for a meeting says how flawless and proficient you […]

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