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10 Celebrities Whose Initial Jobs Will Surprise You

Rising to fame is something most people dream of, however only a few rise to the occasion. Here is a list of 10 celebrities that worked odd jobs before making it big.   1.Ashton Kutcher The Two and a Half Men star is also acclaimed for portraying Steve Jobs in the 2013 autobiography Jobs. His […]


Most Popular Education Jobs

When people think of ‘education jobs,’ they are likely to imagine a classroom teacher. True, the United States is home to over three million public school teachers. As every teacher knows, America’s schools require a wide range of professionals in order to effectively educate students. In this article, we’ll explore six education jobs available in […]


Is It Time For You To Quit Your Job?

A decision to quit your job is a real turning point for your career. If you make a timeline of your life, something like this would definitely be marked on it. So when do you know it is time? What is it that pushes you to believe that now is the time to put the […]


Best After School Jobs For Teens

A little extra money is always a blessing, isn’t it? Getting a 9-6 job is not an option because balancing work with classes, homework and extra-curricular activities is too much to ask for. So, there are after school jobs to the rescue.  Here are some that you can consider: Waiter/ Waitress A job as a […]


5 Must Watch Videos for Marketing Enthusiasts

The marketing industry is constantly troubled with the balancing sentiment and practicality. An ideal campaign needs to both capture your consumer’s attention, and preferably, emotions while successfully selling your product. Research shows that an emotional response to an ad has a far greater impact on purchasing than the selling point itself. However, many marketers find […]

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