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How I Survived With No Job & No Money

November 3, 2017

Looking for a new job takes you through a gamut of emotions and only a few fare completely unfazed by the tornado.

The experience is emotionally draining.

I remember feeling a nagging lump stuck in my throat in the 4th week of my unemployment spell. It got worse as days went by.

Being unemployed took a major blow on my self-confidence. I gained 42 pounds, lost my appetite and craved for pizza, every day. I bathed only when interviews were scheduled, and that wasn’t too often. I become irritable and impossible to have conversations with.

One morning I woke up to see the excel sheet filled with red cells signifying my many rejections. I felt like I was falling into a dark, bottomless pit. The nagging lump would hurt every time someone asked me about my job search or my friends, with their perfect lives, came over to keep me company. I couldn’t say if I liked having them around.

The family had cut down on most of the expenses. We were surviving on the basics. Sympathy was served in generously but could hardly make up for the lack of love.

My wife and I had hit a rough patch. I was convinced my wife hated me and will leave me. As for me, I didn’t care enough to know.

Things got better by the end of 5th month. Also, I took up some side projects and freelance gigs that helped me pay my bills. I have attached the link here for those looking to earn some extra cash.

This is a low investment and high return project, but you must put in a sincere effort to yield best results.

I assumed my wife was seeing a shrink. I can’t blame her, for I was the one being a pill.

The revelation came much later.

It was a lovely morning on our 3rd anniversary when my wife confessed having used some book tricks to make our relationship work. She’d read reviews of it on Psychology Today and it claimed to have helped 6000 couples save their marriages.

I thought it was a joke and teased her for using some Avada Kedavra stuff on me. Later in the night, she gifted me the same book. It was “Save My Marriage Today” by Amy Waterman. I am currently on the 47th page and I was surprised at how effective and doable the solutions were. The book is truly magical!

If you are sensing even the slightest trouble in your marriage, I would recommend it to you. Make sure you read, understand and practice it.

I have started a new part-time job in California. My hands are full at the moment. The projects have been giving me great returns. Having been through hell, I now feel grateful for what I have. My heart is filled with love & gratitude for those you helped me sail through.

The experience was spiteful but I am glad it happened. Looking back, I feel proud that I could hang on long enough to see the victory!

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