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Secrets Recruits Don't Want You To Know

Top 5 Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

September 7, 2017

I will never forget my first job interview and my recruiters.


It was for a real estate agency in Boston and I had been preparing rigorously for it. On the day of the interview, I woke up feeling quite prepared, had my interview outfit sorted, practiced my ‘professional smile’ over 100 times and knew the mission, vision, etc of the company like the back of my hand. There was no way the recruiter could turn me down unless he has had a fight with his wife that morning.

Turns out, I was wrong. The recruiter turned me down after the 2nd round into the process.

I am not quite sure if it was my inability to prove myself as a potential candidate or the recruiters really had had a fight that morning but, something seemed off. The recruiters didn’t seem pleased with my answers. I made sure to ask for a feedback and all I got was You don’t quite fit the bill.

If you have sat for job interviews before I’m sure you might have found yourself in a similar situation at least ones in your lifetime. I remember being so disheartened about it that I literally couldn’t find it in me to face the next few interviews.

But, in an attempt to strengthen my interview game, I did a full-blown research and spoke to many recruiters about things they look in a candidate. I was shocked to learn a few of these things that recruiters would not want you to know.

Prepare to have your mind blown!


(1) 6 Seconds for Your Resume


Did you know that humans have shorter attention span than goldfishes? You can only imagine what recruiters go through while scanning millions of applicant resumes. According to Forbes, recruiters spare a maximum of 6 seconds scanning a resume. So since you only get 6 seconds to make an impression, here’s what to do to make it count?


1.Format your resume to make it look consistent. Go for a simpler layout and fill in only relevant information.

2.You can chuck mentioning the “most outstanding girl” award that you got in 3rd grade but don’t forget to mention all the ones that are relevant to the position you’ve applied for.

3.Watch out for grammatical errors. The little buggers will affect your chances of getting hired, for sure.

4.Use bullet points to highlight noteworthy things. Make it easier for them to read details.

There are professional Free CV templates provided by JobportalUSA . These CV formats are approved by job seekers and you can practically get a ready made job winning CV in no time.


(2) Prioritizing Candidates


Sometimes despite dotting the i, crossing the t, we fail to understand how we haven’t been able to create a mark on the recruiter. The answer could be *cough* favoritism erm..Prioritism.

A survey conducted by Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business states that 92% of senior business executives have seen favoritism at play during employee promotions. About a quarter of the polled executives admitted to practicing favoritism themselves.

And since it is actively practiced in workplaces at all levels, it’s not hard to believe that it gets trickled down to the hiring processes as well.


While there’s only little one can do if the recruiters have already set their hearts and minds on a candidate for whatever reason, one can definitely up their game by doing the following:

1.Take your interview outfit seriously– Interviewees prefer colors like blue and gray the most for interview outfits.

2.Mind your body postures– You are under strict scrutiny since the time you enter the interview venue. Practice your postures and stick to it for as long as you can before entering the dungeon.

3.Pump up your resume– While your appearance can help you set a good first impression, a great resume will get you right at the top of the recruiter’s list. Adding skills that are relevant to the job profile matter a lot.

Sign up for online courses from learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare and keep adding skills to your resume. These courses come at a very low cost, doesn’t require a lot of time and are extremely relevant in the industry.


(3) No for the Know-it-all


In this rapidly evolving world, recruiters are on a constant look out for someone who can perform with vigor and is ready to take up new tasks. There’s a very thin line differentiating someone who has the know-how of the work from someone who thinks he knows it all.


The recruiters are quick to notice any hint of arrogance that you display so make sure you say the right things with the right amount of confidence.

LinkedIn’s recent Global Recruiting Trends report shows that 69% of the recruiters agree that adaptability is the most important soft skill. So as a programmer even if you don’t know Python  like the back of your hand, you can always display the vigor to learn it.


(4) Candidate Ghosting


Yes, my friend! It’s the same ghosting wherein a girl doesn’t reply to your calls after having a great first date with you. Recruiters do that too. New York Times says that ghosting in recruiting  makes many recruiters vanish from the process even before they’ve met a candidate!

Ex’s might get away with such antics, but employers will live to regret it.


The reason for ghosting a candidate could be anything. They must be irritated by your follow-up mails, for all you know. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to make sure that you don’t end up getting Ghosted!


(5) The Second Choice


I got a proper feedback from my recruiter” said no one ever.

The truth is that recruiters don’t want to tell you why you didn’t get the job. According to a blog by a recruiter, Aurélie Racine Ho on LinkedIn, there are numerous reasons why you don’t get a proper feedback.

One of them could be because you are their second choice. This means that the company might have preferred another candidate over you but just in case things don’t work out with him/her, you are the next in line. So while you are twisting and turning in your sleep over the rejection the recruiters might be considering to call you over for the “salary talk” the next day.


Don’t lose hope, unless it’s a sure shot NO!

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