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5 Most Effective Steps to Start a Home Beauty Salon

November 1, 2017

If you are reading this, chances are you might have already made up your mind up to start your own beauty salon without draining your savings.

Your search has finally lead you to the right place.

So, let me start by congratulating you, for these few steps if followed properly can lead you to become the beauty entrepreneur you’ve always wanted to be.


1. Make A Roadmap


Big or small, every business needs a roadmap. Your roadmap will essentially contain a business plan and details that will guide your Salon to success.

You might be a very skilled beautician but nothing discounts for a business plan.

To start with, lay down every little detail that you think might be relevant for your business. Figure out your “unique success factor”, plans about making it successful and dealing with competition. Don’t worry about making perfect sense in the beginning.

Start chiseling off the rough edges only when you have done your brainstorming to the T. If you have a mentor guiding you, nothing like it.

In case you need help getting started, click here for business plan template by Chron that you can use to lay out an effective roadmap.


2. Figure Out Funding


Step 1 is to figure out how much money would it cost you to get your Salon operational.

If you are starting a home-based Salon, then you don’t need to worry about the property cost or rent deposits. Evaluate how much would your material, equipment, and other assets cost.

You’d also need to pay employees, investors, and EMI if you’ve taken a personal loan.

Make sure you set aside cash for marketing. That will include printing brochures, giving out free samples/products for promotion, etc.

Here’s a financial plan of a beauty start-up that should help you estimate start-up funds allocation.


4. Keep Track


It’s easy to lose track of the industry trends with all the crazy startup prerequisites.  With all the things you need to catch up on, 24 hours a day might not feel sufficient. But don’t get bogged down.

It’s also essential to look what you preach. And being the busy person that you are, hitting the gym might be next to impossible. But the health industry has a quicker, healthier and better alternative for you. This is botanically engineered to not just flush out complex toxins from your body but improves your health drastically, thereby making you more energetic and healthy. Just the right thing to go with your entrepreneurial dreams, ain’t it?

Click below to know more about it.


3. Get Recommended


Word-of-mouth publicity works wonders for Beauty Salons. Reach out to all your impressed clients and get them to write or speak about you.

Send out mailers, coupons and personalized hampers to your loyal customers and influencers in the business.

Brands are all big about User Experience.

My friend recommended me a Salon because she was impressed by how they’d reached out to her offering a free service during the weekend after her busiest work week.


5. Marketing


Marketing is one of the most important aspects of establishing a brand. You need to keep a budget aside for it. Make smart considerations before you invest your money into it.

The traditional mediums such as newspaper ads won’t work as well as word- of- mouth will.

Investing in advertising in social media will do wonders. You need to invest in personalizing your gifts/offers/coupons as much as you can.

If you are skilled at a service, make videos doing it and post it on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Similarly, record testimonials of your clients and broadcast it on social media.

Innovation is well received on mediums such as Instagram. Make sure you utilize these mediums to the fullest.

This might look a bit daunting initially, but efforts will be rewarding once the salon takes off. Put in all the efforts you’ve got and let others do the talking.

Like they say, ‘Great Salons weren’t built in a day’ 😉



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